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The Beautiful English Garden - English Garden Ideas

Why English Garden Ideas!

Having a beautiful garden is somewhat synonymous with England, but English garden ideas might not come naturally for lots of gardeners. Just as a writer may face “writers-block” a gardener can suffer a similar fate, however, there are some fundamental gardening methods that should help. There needs to be a nice balance of colour schemes throughout the whole garden, both pleasing to the eye and complementing its surroundings. That can be difficult at the beginning of the gardens creation but planning the venture might spark some ideas.

English garden ideas don’t need to focus on making a garden extravagant, particularly since some part-time gardeners just want a basic garden that looks good. They can choose from a selection of flowers and bulbs to create a pleasant garden. Their English garden ideas can incorporate unique elements of their choosing, such as rose bushes, a bird feeding stand, a small pond or even some garlands to accentuate the contours of a house or outbuilding. The beauty of English garden ideas is that anyone can create their own design; what might be one gardeners paradise may differ wildly so for another. Discover more about modern log cabins at

Make the Garden Come Alive!

One of the most common English garden ideas is to create an archway entering the garden, typically covered with colourful flowers like roses or clematis. These archways are perfect for setting the right impression on anyone visiting a garden, plus it can also give a preview of what the gardens other colour scheme is like. People can also incorporate a barrel-fountain, or similar fountain, into their design, which would work well with a pond. Having running water in a garden brings it to life and gives it a warmer feeling. It also makes it more likely that birds and similar creatures will visit the garden. Of course, bees will be a huge asset to helping any of a gardener’s English garden ideas so the more “alive” the garden is the better.

There are certain types of flowers that are an absolute must for any garden, namely roses, geraniums, pansies and petunias. They can come in different colours so it’s easy for any gardener to coordinate their colour scheme. Their other huge benefit for any English garden ideas is that they help attract bees and other insects, which will help the flowers grow naturally. Furthermore, they look and smell great so it’s not surprise they are such a common element in any garden.

English Garden Ideas Might Seem Difficult but…

The main problem most aspiring gardeners, or even experienced ones, have is how to start a garden. A completely bare landscape can seem daunting, but it also gives a gardener complete freedom to create a garden unique to them. They can select the colours and types of flowers, although the common flowers mentioned earlier should make that choice a bit easier. Running water is also something to give strong consideration to, as well as an elegant archway leading into the garden. These three elements should help with some English garden ideas, even if it’s just to get started.

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