Six Dresser Types for Your Bedroom

Bedroom dressers are necessary for any bedroom. When you are shopping for one, you will have numerous alternatives to choose from. Stick to your budget, but most importantly, first learn about the six different kinds for sale to save you time.

Long Dresser

Large drawers characterize them in most cases include a mirror at the back. Many furniture stores offer them, as it’s one of the most common kinds. They take up a lot of space on the wall and also on the floor, so they tend to be used in big bedrooms that need a lot of storage space.

The highly-priced ones are generally made out of hardwoods like mahogany or maple, while the lower priced ones are made of pine or oak. You can have the wood stained in virtually any color which will go well with the rest of your bedroom furnishings and wall paint.

Tall Dresser

These dresses are, naturally, very tall, and generally narrower than the other styles. Even so, they provide a lot of storage without using too much floor space. This is a perfect choice if you have a smaller room that you want to seem more significant.

Wardrobe Armoires

This type of bedroom furniture is generally tall and wide. These kinds of dresses have two outward-opening panel doors as well as pull-out drawers underneath. The upper section of this dresser is used for hanging clothes while the bottom part is for folded clothing and linens.

The Storage Chest Dresser

Chests are the earliest sort of bedroom furniture. They are still popular nowadays, as they are so useful and elegant in the bedroom. It’s a very simple dresser with four wooden sides, a wooden bottom, and a hinged lid.

The Double Dresser

This is another common kind of bedroom furniture. They are generally short and wide and have many drawers as well, frequently as many as nine. You can get double dressers with mirrors attached on top. Many people prefer to hang a mirror on the wall above the table instead.

Custom Dressers

If the dressers mentioned above don’t suit your taste, you could have one custom built for your needs. Stipulate the style you’d like, the number of drawers you’ll need, the dimensions and color and it won?t be any problems, even though it may very well be costly. There are a lot of online furniture companies you can ask about it, and nearly all can do it for you.