Dining Room Furniture

A Glance Back at the Origins of Dining Room Furniture

The history behind dining room furniture dates back hundreds of years. Furniture for dining first made an appearance in the middle ages when the noble and aristocratic families ate their meals with each other in a great hall. Today, the dining room remains the place where people assemble with each other for meals. However, these days the dining room is generally positioned close to the kitchen so that feeds can more conveniently serve and cleared up. It was not always like this, though.In the middle ages, the dining rooms were generally situated on the floor above the kitchen. This represented the feudal system which was widespread at that time, emphasizing the clear class divisions, with the servants from the lower floors serving their masters on, the higher levels.The way in which dining room furniture was made throughout the middle ages likewise showed this class division. People of the period used long trestle tables with long benches for seats. The head of the household would sit in the center, and the lower classes would be at the further ends of the table.As centuries and decades passed, eating with each other has become a great deal more intimate. This was influenced by some causes, one of which was the religious stress which took place in England when King Henry VIII dissolved monasteries, resulting in the dissolution of large dinner gatherings which had pretty much proved not practical then. More compact parlor rooms were created for dining, and the great halls were kept for more special occasions and celebrations.These days, long tables are mainly seen in a few mansions and palaces. Everyday households are inclined to use a small square, rectangular or roundtable where friends and family can sit in comfort in own dining chairs rather than long benches to share their meals.Nowadays, dining room furniture comes in a variety of designs, both classic and contemporary, and numerous colors, make, sizes and shapes, and it may be made in various materials, like wood, leather, glass, metal, and so on. The look and feel of dining rooms nowadays have come a long, long way. No matter what kind of design you want to use for your dining room, you’ll never run out of terrific dining furniture choices.