Kitchen Cabinet

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: How to Plan for Your Challenge

Because kitchen cabinets usually are made of wood, you can buy them in a natural color or a wood stain. Some homeowners who love their kitchens, though, frequently prefer to display their kitchen cabinets and have them stand out from their other kitchen and home furniture. In such cases, they will often like to paint the cabinets in a particular color. Repainting kitchen cabinets are not that hard to do. You can pay a professional painter to do this for you, or else you can save money by repainting the kitchen cabinets yourself. If you wish to have a classy look, use darker colors like black or deep red. But before you paint, there are a couple of things you must do to be sure of your kitchen cabinets’ level of quality and durability.


Even before you begin painting your wooden kitchen cabinets with your chosen color, you need to do some minimal sanding first. This will ensure the glossiness and level of smoothness of the offices later on. Sanding additionally helps make the surface a little rough to start with so the paint will be able to adhere to it.

Clean with Water and Soap

Once you have sanded them, wash them with soap and water. Then, allow them to dry.

Apply Painting Tape

You will then need to put painters tape on the adjacent surfaces you don’t want to get paint on. So when the kitchen cabinets are dry, use the painting tape at the edges, and where they meet the countertops, the walls and the floor.

Apply Primer

Apply the bonding primer, with a brush. You’ll get the best job using two applications of introduction, just as the professionals do. Then leave the cabinets to dry for 4 hours.

Start Painting!

After the paint primer has thoroughly dried on both sides, you may then start painting using your desired paint color. Be light and steady with your strokes. You can do as much as three coats of paint, and allow four hours of drying time between coats. As I pointed out earlier, black and other dark tones help to make a kitchen look sophisticated, but only when there is an ample kitchen space. This way, the darker color stands out and won’t make the room look smaller. If the kitchen is low, you need to use lighter hues instead.